Addiction – A Call for Connection ACIM

“The major discovery of quantum physics, several decades ago, was the idea that there was not an external world outside of consciousness. I was quite excited with these discoveries that support the interpretation that there is no world outside of the mind of the perceiver, that everything is completely unified and there really is no separation.” ~David Hoffmeister

Food – Sex – Porn – Drugs – Alcohol – Relationships

All addictions are actually a deep call for real connection. Isn’t that great to know?! It’s not that you have failed, it’s simply that you have been seeking for something real and lasting where it could never be found. All unhappiness is the same thing, no matter what form it seems to take. Whether you are an alcoholic, a shopaholic, or a seeker of the next best relationship, the underlying desire is for something to fill you up.
Happiness is your natural state, but like the song says, you’re "lookin' for love in all the wrong places." We invite you to turn your attention to where real connection and fulfillment can be found, and that is within. If you truly move in this direction, the answers and the transformation will occur.

We invite you to open your mind to having the craving for true connection revealed and fulfilled! You are worthy of this fulfillment!

What Is Really Going On?

There are some fundamental beliefs that have to be questioned and released before anything new can come into your experience. Just as people once believed the world was flat, we have to open to a brand new way of thinking.



Things are not what they seem.
Our beliefs hold everything in place.


Where Do I Begin?

We know through years of experience that there is a real way out of the insanity of this unfulfilling loop. Here are some helpful steps to open up to a whole new reality.

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